Reduce your CO₂ emissions with
Ship-Based Carbon Capture

Extend your vessel's lifetime

Let us help you with a truly sustainable solution to capturing your ship’s CO₂ emissions.

As a shipowner or operator, you have to comply with the route to decarbonization, in accordance with IMO’s strategy for the reduction of Greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) of ships. With a Ship-Based Carbon Capture system, suitable for retrofit and newbuild, your ship is ready for the requirements of 2030 and beyond.

Accelerate decarbonization

Our mission is to provide the shipping industry with Ship-Based Carbon Capture.

Why us?
With our field proven land-based solutions we have the right track record with developing emission reduction measures for ships to bring this technology to the seas. In doing so, we are taking an important step towards closing the carbon loop.


There are solutions for all sizes and fuels available. Suitable for newbuilds as well as retrofits.

About Carbotreat Maritime

Together we can accelerate decarbonization.


Let us help you with a truly sustainable solution to capture your ship's CO₂ emissions.

Let's work together for a sustainable future